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Dietitian Services Insurance Coverage Verification

Verifying Insurance Coverage for Nutrition Services

Before scheduling an in-person appointment to be covered by your health plan, please call your insurance company and obtain the following information.  Then fill out the form below.  Please note, what you are told over the telephone by the insurance company is a good indication of but no guarantee of insurance coverage. The ultimate decision is made by your insurance company when a claim is submitted by the Registered Dietitian (RD) after your appointment.

Insurance Verification Checklist

  • Does your plan cover nutrition counseling (or medical nutrition therapy) by an RD in an office setting? (Some insurance plans only cover in hospital settings).
  • If yes, for which diagnoses?  (Some insurance plans only cover for diabetes and kidney disease while others are more flexible.  Only a physician or other qualified healthcare professional can make a diagnosis.  Common diagnoses covered by insurance companies for RD visits include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive problems, eating disorders, diabetes, obesity, food allergies, and other nutrition-related conditions).
  • Confirm coverage for the appropriate procedural (CPT) codes. The CPT codes used in our office are:
    • 97802 (initial consultation)
    • 97803 (follow-up consultation)
    • 94690 (metabolism testing)
  • Is there a limit to the number of sessions and length of time per each session?
  • If our RD is not in your insurance network (see list of participating networks), inquire about any out-of-network benefits.
  • What is your copay for specialist visits?
  • Are you responsible for any coinsurance?
  • Are you responsible for any deductible that hasn’t already been met?

Insurance Verification Form

First Name :   *
Last Name :   *
Date of Birth:   *
Street Address :   *
City :   *
State :  
Zip Code :   *
Home Phone :   *
Work Phone :   *
Insurance Company:   *
Insurance Telephone Number:   *
Insurance ID Number:   *
Primary Insurance Holder First Name:   *
Primary Insurance Holder Last Name:   *
Primary Insurance Holder Date of Birth:   *
Primary Insurance Holder Street Address:   *
Primary Insurance Holder City:   *
Primary Insurance Holder State:   *
Primary Insurance Holder Zip Code:   *
Please provide requested information from the checklist above:  
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